Host scores values in RHV Self Hosted-Engine setup

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  • Red Hat Virtualization 4.x
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.x
  • ovirt-hosted-engine-setup


  • Hosts in RHV Self Hosted-Engine setup get different scores, what does that score mean?


  • Score is a value between 0 to 2400. And it represents host' suitability for running engine VM.

    • 0 means unsuitable
    • 2400 means all is well
  • The score is calculated based on host status. Each monitor (ping, cpu load, gateway status, ...) has a weight and contributes to the score.

Score weights:

1000 - gateway address is pingable
800 - host's management network bridge is up
400 - host has 4GB of memory free to run the engine VM
100 - host's cpu load is less than 80% of capacity
100 - host's memory usage is less than 80% of capacity


-50 - subtraction for each failed vm startup attempt
0 - score reset to 0 after 3 attempts, for 10 minutes

Diagnostic Steps

  • To get the score of the host, run:
# hosted-engine --vm-status
  • It will show status of each host and its score.
    For instance:
Status up-to-date                  : True
Hostname                           :
Host ID                            : 2
Engine status                      : {"health": "good", "vm": "up", "detail": "up"}
Score                              : 2400                 <<--------------------
Local maintenance                  : False
Host timestamp                     : 1408390728
Extra metadata (valid at timestamp):
    timestamp=1408390728 (Mon Aug 18 15:38:48 2014)

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This does not tell one how to determine "which" factor is bringing the score down.