How to start multiple instances of BxMS 6.4 on the same server?

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  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite (BPMS) 6.4
  • Red Hat JBoss BRMS (BRMS) 6.4


  • How to start multiple instances of BPM Suite 6.4 on the same server?
  • When we try to start two BRMS server instance on same machine it fails with exception:
Caused by: Address already in use
    at [uberfire-nio2-jgit-0.3.0-redhat-6.jar:0.3.0-redhat-6]

We are using different port off set(jboss.socket.binding.port-offset) for both server instances but still it fails with same exception.


To start multiple BxMS server instances on same machine specify unique value for following system properties in standalone-*|domain.xml or while starting server instance:

  • OR org.uberfire.nio.git.ssh.port
  • OR org.uberfire.nio.git.daemon.port

Note that you need to set a different host or port for git and ssh protocols to avoid conflict issues. Also, make sure that each instance is pointing to a different git repository, index and cert directories by specifying the following properties:

  • org.uberfire.nio.git.dir
  • org.uberfire.metadata.index.dir
  • org.uberfire.nio.git.ssh.cert.dir

Please refers to BPM Suite - Administration and Configuration guide to get further details about each property.

Note: It is not possible to increment these ports based on jboss.socket.binding.port-offset because this option increments ports used by the JBoss server instance only not deployed application specific.

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