ACLs in Virsh

Solution In Progress - Updated -


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL ) 6.x


  • Add a possiblilty to virsh to add unix users or unix groups to some predefined or configurable roles.
  • If a User is added to a role, the user should be able to run the commands that are associated with the role. The virsh policy list command should show all roles a user is aligned to or (if no user is given) an alignment of all users/groups to the roles.


  • Customers are recommended to switch to 7.1, which already supports ACLs.

Root Cause

  • Libvirt in RHEL-6 does not even support ACLs so requesting an easy way of modifying the ACLs does not make a lot of sense. We would first need to bring ACLs to RHEL-6, which would require libvirt to be rebased and doing so does not come without risks.

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