Vulnerability walkthrough

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Vulnerability walkthrough videos

Jeremy West, from Product Security, hosts a series of video sessions covering key vulnerability scanning information.

Session 1: Understanding how vulnerability scanners work

This video focuses on vulnerability scanners, how they operate, and the objectives scanning vendors pursue in developing these tools.

Session 2: Understanding the data used in vulnerability scanning

Several Red Hat's Product Security team members discuss the various data used in vulnerability, discrepancies, definitions, and delivery formats that Red Hat uses to disclose vulnerability data.

Session 3: Vulnerability Scanning: How to read and interpret scan data

In this video, we discuss a common approach to reviewing the results of a vulnerability scan, how to interpret those results, and how to generate an action plan.

Session 4: How to assess findings and remediate or mitigate risks

Our last video in the vulnerability scanning walkthrough discusses tactics and scenarios used in either remediating or mitigating vulnerabilities.