Red Hat Mobile Application Platform Supported Configurations

Every Red Hat Mobile Application Platform release is tested and supported. Red Hat provides both production and development support for supported configurations and tested integrations according to your subscription agreement.

The currently supported versions are:

  • RHMAP Hosted version 3.x is the cloud hosted offering.
  • RHMAP Self-Managed 4.1 is delivered with the MBaaS component outside the core platform – development and management of apps occurs in the multi-tenant installation in the cloud, whilst the MBaaS with application data, functionality, and integrations is deployed to an OpenShift Enterprise 3.x installation.
  • RHMAP Self-Managed 4.2 and upwards is delivered with the self-managed MBaaS and either hosted or self-managed Core deployed to an OpenShift Container Platform.

This document covers all versions unless indicated in the corresponding sections.

Table of Contents

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform – SDK and Build Farm

NOTE: Build Farm is no longer available.

Application Types using Red Hat Mobile Application Platform SDKs

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform subscriptions include support for the following types of applications:

Cordova apps

This is a standard Cordova mobile application. These apps consist of a combination of Web Tech and native code. The underlying native project and Cordova libraries are exposed to the developer. This allows for full customisation of the application, including Cordova Plugins and 3rd Party SDKs.

Web apps

This is for Node.js + Express web applications. These apps provide more advanced desktop/tablet web portals and mobile websites. They expose the full power of Node.js for web app development including functionality such as Express 4 and server side templating using template engines such as ejs. These apps do not use the Build Farm. Note that because web apps need to have their code hosted on a web server, these are the only type of client app that has a presence on the RHMAP servers – the client code is hosted and accessed via a URL that resolves to the location of these files.

Xamarin apps (Deprecated)

Build apps using Xamarin which allows the creation of Native iOS and Android app in C#. The SDK itself is an open source project that is hosted here.

Native Android apps

Build Android Native Apps. Its default target is Android API 26 (OS Version 8.0). The SDK itself is an open source project that is hosted here.

Native iOS apps

Build standard iOS Native Apps. Red Hat recommends using Xcode 9 where the default target is iOS 11. If you use Xcode 10, set the project to use the Legacy Build System as described in the Xcode 10 Release Notes. The SDK itself is an open source project that is hosted here.

Cordova Light apps (Deprecated)

Standard Cordova applications with just the “www” directory exposed. These apps use standard web technology only (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript). There is no exposure to any native code. These are the simplest apps for people to learn how to use the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP), but restrict the developer to only being able to use a subset of Cordova plugins.

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform SDKs

For Software Development Kits (SDKs)with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform API functionality we offer 4 different SDKs:

  • Javascript SDK (Cordova, Web apps, App forms)
  • iOS SDK (Native iOS apps)
  • Android SDK (Native Android apps)
  • C#/.NET Native SDK (Xamarin and Native Windows apps) (Deprecated)

Supported Configurations

Cordova support on SDKs

NOTE: Build Farm is no longer available.

Red Hat support for the SDKs depends on Cordova reverse compatibility functionality, if the Apache Cordova organization decides to deprecate or no longer support versions, Red Hat may be limited in its ability to provide support and will require the customer to upgrade to a supported environment for continued assistance.

Note: From August 1st, 2018, you cannot submit Cordova apps built using the Build Farm to the Google Play app store.

Platform Supported Cordova Version
Cordova CLI 6.3.1

Cordova Apps

Platform Supported Cordova Version
cordova-android 3.5.1 – 5.2.0
cordova-ios 3.5.1 – 4.2.0

SDK Support

Item Platform Platform Version
Javascript SDK iOS 9, 10, 11
Javascript SDK Android 4.x (API 14-19), 5.x (API 21-22), 6.x (API 23), 7.x (API 24-25)
Native Android SDK Android Native 4.x (API 14-19), 5.x (API 21-22), 6.x (API 23), 7.x (API 24-25), 8.0 (API 26)
Native iOS SDK Swift 4.0 (iOS 9, 10, 11)
Objective-C 9, 10, 11

SDK Support (Deprecated)

Item Platform Platform Version
Native C#/.NET SDK Xamarin 5.x
Xamarin.iOS 9.x
Xamarin.Android 6.1

Apache Cordova guideline for Android apps

Apache Cordova requires the Android SDK, which can be installed on OS X, Linux or Windows operating system. See the Android SDK’s System Requirements.

Cordova supports Android 4.0.x (starting with Android API 14) and higher. As a general rule, Android versions become unsupported by Cordova as they dip below 5% on Google’s distribution dashboard. Android versions earlier than API 10(Gingerbread, API 2.3.3-2.3.7), and the 3.x versions (Honeycomb, API 11-13) fall significantly below that 5% threshold.

Apache Cordova guideline for iOS apps

Apple® tools required to build iOS applications run only on the OS X operating system on Intel-based Macs. Xcode® 6.0 (the minimum required version) runs only on OS X version 10.9 (Mavericks) or greater, and includes the iOS 8 SDK (Software Development Kit). To submit apps to the Apple App Store℠ requires the latest versions of the Apple tools.

Developers can test many of the Cordova features using the iOS emulator installed with the iOS SDK and Xcode, but the developer needs an actual device to fully test all of the app’s device features before submitting to the App Store. The device must have at least iOS 6.x installed, the minimum iOS version supported as of Cordova 3.0. Supporting devices include all iPad® models, iPhone® 3GS and above, and iPod® Touch 3rd Generation or later. To install apps onto a device, the developer must also be a member of Apple’s iOS Developer Program.

MongoDB Support

RHMAP MongoDB Version Recommended Node.js MongoDB Driver Version
Hosted 2.x 3.2
Self-managed 3.x 3.2
The listed version is an Android API Level

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform – Individual Items Support

This section corresponds to specific RHMAP features that relate to third party platform versions and the RHMAP support.

Item Platform Platform Version
Forms Builder iOS 9, 10, 11
Forms Builder Android 4.x (API 14-19), 5.x (API 21-22), 6.x (API 23), 7.x (API 24-25)
FHC CLI Windows Desktop 10
FHC CLI Linux Any
MBaaS Node.js/Express 4.8.x
Cordova Light apps iOS Hybrid 8, 9

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform – Transport Protocols

The following transport protocols are supported in each corresponding Red Hat Mobile Application release:

Technology/Specification Support
TCP/IP over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Yes

Deprecated Third Party Software Support

Red Hat will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of any material, permanent suspension or discontinuation of third party software support. Red Hat will also use commercially reasonable efforts to support any deprecated third party software support for at least 12 months after deprecation if the third party vendor does not discontinue the support or availability.

Deprecation means that no enhancements will be made to these features past version 3.x, and they may be removed in the future, usually the next major release (i.e. 4.x).

Item Type
Build Farm Core Platform
Node.js v4 Cloud App Runtime
Node.js 0.8.x and 0.10.x support1 Core Platform, SDKs, Build Farm
WuFoo Integration Core Platform
Android API Level 18 (OS Version 4.3.x) and under SDK
Data Browser in FeedHenry 2 Core Platform, RHMAP version 2
Ant-based Android templates Core Platform
Embedded Framework iOS templates Core Platform

1 Node.js versions 0.10.x and 0.8.x are deprecated and will be removed from RHMAP on Jun 30th 2017

Unsupported Features

The following features are no longer supported on Red Hat Mobile Application Platform 3.x and up:

Item Version Type
Android support 2.x (Eclair, Froyo & Gingerbread, API 5-10) SDKs, Build Farm
BlackBerry 6.x , 7.x, 10 SDKs, Build Farm
Windows All SDKs, Build Farm
Cordova 2.2 SDKs, Build Farm
App Forms FeedHenry 2 Core Platform
CloudFoundry integration All MBaaS
IronFoundry integration All MBaaS
AppFog integration All MBaaS
Stackato integration All MBaaS
fh-nodeapp 0.67.0 API
Airwatch Integration All Core Platform
Urban Airship Integration All Core Platform, SDK
Urban Airship $fh.push All API
Flurry Integration All SDKs

The following features are not currently supported on Red Hat Mobile Application Platform 3.x and up:

Item Version Type
Cordova Hooks All All
Google oAuth All Cordova iOS

Build Farm

Item Platform Version
Build Farm – iOS Swift 3.0 (iOS 9, 10, 11)
Objective-C 9, 10, 11
Build Farm – Android Native Android 26 (OS Version 8.0)
Full Cordova 23

Installing Red Hat Mobile Application Platform 4.x

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP) can be deployed to an OpenShift 3.x installation as follows:

RHMAP Version Ansible OpenShift Version
4.1 N/A 3.2
4.2 N/A 3.2 or 3.3
4.3 N/A 3.2, 3.3 or 3.4
4.4 2.2 3.3, 3.4 or 3.5
4.5 2.2 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 or 3.6
4.6 2.4 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 or 3.7
4.7.0 & 4.7.1 2.4 3.7, 3.9 or 3.10
4.7.2 2.4 3.7, 3.9, 3.10 or 3.11

OpenShift supported images are available from the Red Hat Container Catalog.