Retired: This application is now retired.

RHV Manager History Database Size Calculator

Updated -

The History Database Size Calculator estimates the minimum and maximum size needed for your database history records. The calculator uses the data you enter for all possible case scenarios including the number of virtual machines, hosts, domains, etc. as well as the number of records you plan on saving. In the end, the calculator will give you a recommended minimum size and maximum size to use as allotment of disk space for your database.
To use the History Database Size Calculator, fill in all the fields with the number of items for each. If you are unsure what information the field is requesting, hovering on the question mark (?) next to the field will provide you with a definition for that field. There is also a note at the bottom of the screen that provides added information.
Once you are satisfied with the entries you placed in all of the fields, click CALCULATE. If you want to clear the fields and use different parameters, click RESET. After clicking CALCULATE, two values will appear at the bottom of the screen.
The first is the minimum size based on the calculation. It is not recommended to have your disk space be any smaller than this value. The second value is the maximum. You should not need any more space than the maximum size, assuming the values you entered are accurate.
Keep in mind this is an estimate and the recommendation is merely a guideline. In the end, an IT professional will know how to plan for the growth of database and should judge accordingly.
For more information on the data warehouse and on the history database, refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Installation Guide or the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Administration Guide.