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This application has been closed on June 30th, 2019. Start today to use the new Red Hat Code Browser.
The Red Hat Code Browser is a feature-rich application that allows you to both search and view Red Hat source code. With the Red Hat Code Browser, you can view all aspects of the source, including ChangeLogs, RPM spec files, and individual patches. You can also use this application to perform diffs on the source so that you can see changes in different versions of a file.


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I only see kernels. Where can I browse the code for something else, say BIND?

Currently, the Source Browser only supports RHEL kernels and MRG. We may add individual packages in the future; however, for now this information is available in the form of SRPMs on the download page.

how about LK sctp packages ?

This is a fantastic tool. While working an issue with the ip_vs code, I wrote a tool that allowed me to play back and display all changes from some previous arbitrary release to a specified kernel against specific files or sets of files. That would be an incredibly useful addition, imho. In addition, if this were web-service accessible and had a command line tool to issue queries... goosebumps

Thank you for the kind words and we are happy that you like the Source Browser. As it relates to a command line tool, we are considering adding this capability to the Red Hat Support Tool to make things like command line source browsing and patch bisection easier. The Source Browser also has an API which we will be documenting so that you can potentially write your own cURL commands.

Thanks! This is a great resource. I really like the links to bugs and CVEs for each entry in the changelog - better than just dumping the spec file into a page. It would be nice if there was patch-changelog linkage as well since it isn't something that can be reasonably included in the spec and would set this interface apart.

However the format leaves a lot to be desired:

  1. A linear dataset should not be in a grid. The time to assess whether it's in columns then rows or rows then columns is obnoxious for something that can just be a list. IMO, the best way to use screen realestate and keep it readable is by providing lists in clear columns (newspaper).
  2. Some changelogs really slow down the browser by loading the entire history at once - please paginate.
  3. #2 also applied to spec files. Perhaps this can be resolved by replacing the changelog section with a link to the HTML changelog and there can be a raw mode that includes the plaintext inline. In fact, if there is a separate raw mode, the spec could be formatted nicely (colors, block-highlighting, the works) rather than just dumping plaintext into the page.

This is a great first look and I'm looking forward to seeing how it improves.

Thanks for the feedback, really helpful in taking the product forward.

Let me try to address some of your concerns below:

There is a changelog to patch linkage which exists today, where it takes you to the patch related to the changelog, but we don't have the patch to changelog since the changelog message is essentially the Subject of the patch. Please correct me if I am interpreting in a different way than what you meant.

1) We are already rethinking some aspects of the UI design, will give this input to the UI designer
2) The pagination was in place earlier, some users prefer to do a Ctrl+F to find what they want immediately, hence we are loading all the chanelogs in one go.
3) Really liked this idea, will surely investigate how we can achieve this. Thanks.

Thanks once again for the feedback.

Very nice and useful tool.
Yet I found that comparison (diff) of bnx2x driver source code between RHEL7 & 6 does not work. I guess it is due to different source locations for kernel 3.10 and 2.6 series.

Thanks for using the new source browser, and we are glad you liked it.

Regarding the diff, you are right, the diff is not possible since the location of some of the files has changed across RHEL 6 and RHEL 7.

To address this concern we are thinking about adding a input to the file view for the user to add the file path they want to diff against, which could be a possible solution, but still in discussion phase.

I definitely like this tool and use it everday. I notice that RHEL 5.6 is missing in the beta version at the time of this comment.

Hello Kito, RHEL 5.6 was left out due to an issue in importing. Let me see if its possible to work around it.

[Update] We've decided to exclude RHEL 5.6 and below kernels from PSB since these releases are now unsupported.

Could you please clarify, how long we need to wait until sources of newly released kernels will be published here?
RHEL5.11 kernel update 2.6.18-400.el5 was released yesterday, when its sources will be published?


kernel-2.6.18-400.el5 is now available in PSB. It usually does not take more than 2/3 days for the kernel sources to get indexed and published here.


the last few release dates and errata links are missing

Hello Dave, The missing errata links have been added.

We are not able to change kernel version direclty from path. Option is given but not working .

Hello Mehmoodkha, switching kernel versions directly from the address bar should work. Can you provide the URL in question?

Hi anurag,

If I want to switch to kernel-2.6.32-504.3.3.el6 kernel directly then its not working for me. We do have option for it I think (Drop down arrow symbol) . Its not showing all availabe kernels after clicking on that option.

From where I can see the old kernel, like RHEL - 5.6 and below

Hello Francois,

Kernels from RHEL 5.6 and below are unsupported and therefore excluded from PSB. Let me know if you're looking for any specific kernel and we'll figure out a way to provide you the archive.


I am unable to access source browser . "Permission Required" error

Hello Mehmoodkha, would it be possible for you to send a screenshot of the URL where you get this error?

it would be much helpful to add support for filename search here.

Hi WeishanYang, you can search for files by using 'filename' search operator. For example:

filename: xfs.h

Also check out the search cheat sheet for more options, and let me know if this helps.

I get the following error when I try to connect to :

The page isn't redirecting properly.  
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

Hello Akemi Yagi,

We are not able to reproduce this error on our end. This could possibly be due to cookie issue with Firefox, some cookies related to may be corrupted in your browser.

I would request you to please try the below options and let us know if the issue still persists.

  1. Could you please try removing cookies for in Firefox and try connecting again.

  2. Try connecting to Red Hat Code Browser using another browser, maybe chrome.

Currently this only appears to show RHEL6.4 and older kernels. Is the source code browser tool not working correctly or is tool being limited on purpose? RHEL7.X kernels used to show for me, I think my RedHat subscription is up to date.