Open Source in the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal engineering team understands the benefit of the open source way. Though we develop a good bit of software that is custom, proprietary, and internal to Red Hat, we do so using many open source tools and technologies. This document catalogs those items as well as the various ways our engineers give back to upstream communities.

Community Promise

This engineering team's first goal is to deliver value to our stakeholders. As Red Hatters, we understand that doing things the open source way is often the shortest path to great results. At times, however, contribution takes extra effort. Our promise to our peers is to default to doing things "in the community" and contribute as much as possible, even when it takes marginally more effort. As a team, product owners, developers, and other stakeholders will evaluate larger contributions (such as net new development, large modules, and package maintenance) on a case-by-case basis to ensure that our work in various communities does not slow our delivery unacceptably. To that end, here are some guidelines for the team:

  • There is no explicit time set aside for community hacking—if and where you contribute on your own personal time is up to you!
  • Consider community concerns (patch submission, cost of forking, etc.) when grooming user stories.
  • If there's something you think needs a nudge or additional work to fully open source, add it to the proper backlog and add the tag Community Debt.
  • Default to open.

Open Source Software in Use

This is a growing list of software that makes our success possible.

Software/Technology Description & Use Developer Attribution
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Platform Red Hat
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Platform Red Hat
Drupal Platform/Framework
OpenJDK Platform
PHP Platform
Seam Framework Framework Red Hat
Apache Lucene Framework Apache Software Foundation
Apache Tika Framework Apache Software Foundation
Eclipse Integrated Development Environment The Eclipse Foundation
Jenkins Continuous Integration Server Jenkins CI Community
Apache Maven Software Project Management Apache Software Foundation
SonarQube Code Quality Management SonarSource
Liberation Font Web Font Red Hat
Publican Single source publishing tool based on DocBook XML Edgewall Software

Open Source Contributions by Our Team

The engineering team's community involvement takes many forms. Here's a semi-detailed look:

  • Erik Newby

    Senior Software Applications Developer & Tech Lead

    • Developed Hide Filepath module to hide/obfuscate absolute file paths and contributed back to the Drupal community.
    • Hosts TriDUG meetups in RDU.
    • Attends DrupalCon.
    • Very active in discussions.
  • Travis McTighe

    Software Applications Engineer  

    • Developed Views GSA Feed module that allows the user to make an XML feed for the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to be able to index.
    • Presents at TriDUG meetups in RDU.
    • Attends DrupalCon.
    • Very active in discussions.
  • Mark Caron

    UX/UI Web Developer

    • Submitted patches to the MediaElement.js plugin, which allows HD playback (with a button) and improves the subtitle tracks and chapters selection.
  • Scott Dodson

    Senior Software Applications Engineer

    • Packaged and maintained approximately a dozen Drupal modules for use in Fedora and EPEL.
  • Jared Sprague

    Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead

    • Submitted Compressed Cache module to the Drupal community that drastically reduces the size of cache_form, which is a known issue in Drupal 7.
    • Submitted Services Content Lock module that prevents two users from editing the same node concurrently.
    • Presents at TriDUG meetups in RDU.
    • Attends DrupalCon.
    • Very active in discussions.
  • Ian Hands

    Senior Software Engineer

    • Developed Meltdown plugin that adds Markdown Extra live previews and a toolbar for common markdown actions.
    • Submitted three Services module patches and bug fixes.
  • Michael Clayton

    Software Engineer

    • Developed ColorPal, an HTML5 color palette generation tool.