Chapter 1. Introduction to Red Hat Software certification

The Red Hat Software certification program ensures compatibility of your software products on Red Hat platforms. Building and certifying your products on Red Hat platforms ensures that your solutions are consistent, interoperable, and supported.

Red Hat certifications give you confidence on your deployments, and that lets you focus on delivering valuable and transformative technology to your customers.

The key benefits of the Red Hat Software certification program are:

  • Build once and deploy across bare-metal, virtualized, and public and private cloud infrastructure.
  • Take advantage of Red Hat expertise with emerging technologies, so you can make time for innovation while managing risk.
  • Build trust and customer confidence by offering collaborative support with Red Hat and TSANet.
  • Generate market awareness and customer demand through placement and promotion on the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

Use the following table to find the required software certifications available on your Red Hat platform:

Table 1.1. Red Hat Software Certification Matrix

Certification PlatformsApplication and WorkloadsInfrastructure and Automation

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Platform

Not applicable

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Not applicable

Red Hat OpenStack Platform