Chapter 7. Troubleshooting

This chapter provides tips for determining the cause of and resolving the most common errors associated with RHN Satellite. If you need additional help, contact Red Hat Network support at Log in using your Satellite-entitled account to see your full list of options.
In addition, you may package configuration information and logs from the Satellite and send them to Red Hat for further diagnosis. Refer to Section 7.8, “Satellite Debugging by Red Hat” for instructions.

7.1. Gathering information with spacewalk-report

There are instances where administrators may need a concise, formatted summary of their RHN Satellite resources, whether it is to take inventory of their entitlements, subscribed systems, or users and organizations. Rather than gathering such information manually from the Satellite Web interface, RHN Satellite 5.3.0 includes the spacewalk-report command to gather and display vital Satellite information at once.


To use spacewalk-report you must have the spacewalk-reports package installed.
spacewalk-report allows administrators to organize and display reports about content, systems, and user resources across the Satellite. Using spacewalk-report, you can receive reports on:
  • System Inventory — Lists all of the systems registered to the Satellite.
  • Entitlements — Lists all organizations on the Satellite and sorted by system or channel entitlements.
  • Errata — Lists all the errata relevant to the registered systems and sorts errata by severity as well as the systems that apply to a particular erratum.
  • Users — Lists all the users registered to the Satellite, and lists any systems associated with a particular user.
spacewalk-report allows administrators to organize and display reports about content, systems, and user resources across the Satellite. To get the report in CSV format, run the following at the command line of your Satellite server.
spacewalk-report report_name

The following reports are available:

Table 7.1. spacewallk-report Reports

Report Invoked as Description
System Inventory inventory List of systems registered to the server, together with hardware and software information.
Entitlements entitlements Lists all organizations on the Satellite with their system or channel entitlements.
Errata details errata-list Lists all errata that affects systems registered to the Satellite
Errata for systems errata-systems Lists applicable errata and any registered systems that are affected.
Users in the system users Lists all users registered to the Satellite.
Systems administered users-systems List of systems that individual users can administer.
For more information about an individual report, run spacewalk-report with the --info or --list-fields-info and the report name. The description and list of possible fields in the report will be shown.
For further information, the spacewalk-report(8) manpage as well as the --help parameter of the spacewalk-report program can be used to get additional information about the program invocations and their options.