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Chapter 2. About This Release

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 11.2.0 is an update for JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 11.1.0 Beta.

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 11.2.0 includes the following components:

  • BPEL 1.4.0.Final
  • BPMN2 1.4.2.Final
  • Drools 7.5.0.Final
  • SwitchYard 2.4.1.Final
  • Teiid Designer 11.1.1.Final

The following is a list of important component changes for JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack:

  • The Fuse Tooling component is now part of the JBoss Developer Studio core.
  • The SwitchYard component is deprecated in JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 11.0.0 and will not be available from JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 12.0.0 onwards.

For a complete list of components in this release, together with information about operating systems, chip architectures, and Java developer kits supported by this release, see Components And Supported Configurations on the Red Hat Customer Portal.