Chapter 5. Creating a basic cluster on Red Hat OpenStack Platform

This procedure creates a high availability cluster on an RHOSP platform with no fencing or resources configured.



  1. On one of the cluster nodes, enter the following command to authenticate the pcs user hacluster. Specify the name of each node in the cluster. In this example, the nodes for the cluster are node01, node02, and node03.

    [root@node01 ~]# pcs host auth node01 node02 node03
    Username: hacluster
    node01: Authorized
    node02: Authorized
    node03: Authorized
  2. Create the cluster. In this example, the cluster is named newcluster.

    [root@node01 ~]# pcs cluster setup newcluster node01 node02 node03
    Synchronizing pcsd certificates on nodes node01, node02, node03…
    node02: Success
    node03: Success
    node01: Success
    Restarting pcsd on the nodes in order to reload the certificates…
    node02: Success
    node03: Success
    node01: Success


  1. Enable the cluster.

    [root@node01 ~]# pcs cluster enable --all
    node01: Cluster Enabled
    node02: Cluster Enabled
    node03: Cluster Enabled
  2. Start the cluster. The command’s output indicates whether the cluster has started on each node.

    [root@node01 ~]# pcs cluster start --all
    node02: Starting Cluster…
    node03: Starting Cluster…
    node01: Starting Cluster...