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Chapter 7. Installation and Booting

rpm supports ordered installation based on package tags

The OrderWithRequires feature has been added to the RPM Package Manager, which utilizes the new OrderWithRequires package tag. If a package specified in OrderWithRequires is present in a package transaction, it is installed before the package with the corresponding OrderWithRequires tag is installed. However, unlike the Requires package tag, OrderWithRequires does not generate additional dependencies, so if the package specified in the tag is not present in the transaction, it is not downloaded.

Anaconda now displays a warning if LDL-formatted DASDs are detected during installation

On IBM System z, DASDs with LDL (Linux Disk Layout) format are recognized by the kernel, but the installer does not support them. If one or more such DASDs are detected by Anaconda, it will display a warning about their unsupported status and offer to format them as CDL (Compatibility Disk Layout), which is a fully supported format type.