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Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 6.0-7Wed Apr 05 2017Lenka Špačková
Updated Known Issues.
Revision 6.0-6Tue Apr 04 2017Lenka Špačková
Fixed information regarding the rhscl/devtoolset-6-perftools-rhel7 container image.
Revision 6.0-5Tue Nov 15 2016Lenka Špačková
Release of Red Hat Developer Toolset 6.0 Release Notes.
Revision 6.0-3Tue Nov 01 2016Lenka Špačková
Added an OProfile known issue.
Revision 6.0-2Thu Oct 20 2016Lenka Špačková
Release of Red Hat Developer Toolset 6.0 Beta Release Notes.