Chapter 2. Installation

This chapter guides you through the steps to install AMQ Ruby in your environment.

2.1. Prerequisites

  • To use AMQ Ruby, you must install Ruby in your environment.

2.2. Installing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux


  1. Use the subscription-manager command to subscribe to the required package repositories. If necessary, replace <variant> with the value for your variant of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (for example, server or workstation).

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

    $ sudo subscription-manager repos --enable=amq-clients-2-for-rhel-7-<variant>-rpms

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

    $ sudo subscription-manager repos --enable=amq-clients-2-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms

  2. Use the yum command to install the rubygem-qpid_proton and rubygem-qpid_proton-doc packages.

    $ sudo yum install rubygem-qpid_proton rubygem-qpid_proton-doc

For more information about using packages, see Appendix B, Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages.