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Chapter 5. Upgrade Swagger UI 2.1.3 TO 2.2.10

If you are using a version of 3scale that contains Swagger UI 2.1.3, you can upgrade to Swagger UI version 2.2.10.

Previous implementations of Swagger UI 2.1.3 in the 3scale developer portal rely on the presence of a single {% active_docs version: "2.0" %} liquid tag in the Documentation page. With the introduction of support for Swagger 2.2.10 in 3scale, the implementation method changes to multiple cdn_asset and include liquid tags.


Previous versions of Swagger UI in 3scale will continue to be called using the legacy active_docs liquid tag method.

Perform the following steps to upgrade Swagger UI 2.1.3 to 2.2.10:

  1. Log in to your 3scale AMP admin portal
  2. Navigate to the Developer PortalDocumentation page, or the page in which you want to update your Swagger UI implementation
  3. In the code pane replace the {% active_docs version: "2.0" %} liquid tag with the following assets with the cdn_asset liquid tag and the new partial shared/swagger_ui:

    {% cdn_asset /swagger-ui/2.2.10/swagger-ui.js %}
    {% cdn_asset /swagger-ui/2.2.10/swagger-ui.css %}
    {% include 'shared/swagger_ui' %}
  4. By default, Swagger UI loads the ActiveDocs specification published in APIs > ActiveDocs. Load a different specification by adding the following window.swaggerUi.options line before the window.swaggerUi.load(); line, where <SPEC_SYSTEM_NAME> is the system name of the specification you want to load:

    window.swaggerUi.options['url'] = "{{provider.api_specs.<SPEC_SYSTEM_NAME>.url}}";