RHN page showing errata needed by my systems gone?

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With the RHN web changes on June 10th 2014, the Page that used to be available under the Download Tab then Errata is gone. This page listed only errata that was still needed by my systems and how many of my systems were affected by each errata. You could then click on a specific errata and get the details as well as a list of the specific systems that still needed it. Does this listing still exist somewhere? I used this page daily in order to track outstanding issues for my organization. I can't find this information after the web site redesign.


With a lot of searching and back-tracking I found the URL for something close to the old page I needed but I still do not see a way to navigate to it from the new RHN menus.


The old page would only show errata still needed by my systems but this is at least usable.

Found the old page. I don't know why they have made this so hard to get to.


What about this page:

Security Alerts, Bug Fixes, and Enhancements for Active Products