RHEV Spice Client Support on Apple Mac OS X

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Over a year ago, I opened a case for an RFE to add Spice client support on Macs. The bugzilla is #728618. It does not seem to be going anywhere.

In the interim, I've followed this article:

It does work, but screen drawing on a Windows 7 VM is incredibly slow, to the point of being unusable. (It's fine on a RHEL VM.)

The practical consequence of this is instead of using my sleek Macbook, I have to use my clunky HP EliteBook.

Has anyone had luck getting improved performance? In the comments of the above article, someone suggested removing "Update For Windows KB2670838".



Note, I did remove KB2670838 from the Windows VM and rebooted it, but this had no impact.

Has anyone had luck with using HTML5 and websocket proxy on RHEV 3.3 and Mac clients?

Hey Daniel, I wrote the above article actually. Unfortunately, there's really nothing that can be done about the performance right now. I spoke to the engineer that wrote that build and he said the current libjpeg library that the OS X Remote Viewer uses is outdated and slow; moving to a new library will take some time. In the meantime, we recommend using either the HTML5 Spice console or a VNC console on OS X.

I'm attempting to use the HTML5 Spice console on MacOS X however input does not work. Is there perhaps something additional that needs to be installed on the VM to allow this? (I do get the initial console image after updating/trusting the Spice Websockets proxy SSL certs).

We recommend that you install the RHEV Tools (Windows) or the RHEV Guest Agent (Linux) but I don't believe either are required to be able to use the console in HTML5 mode. Without the Tools/Agent, you will get reduced performance graphics.

Verify that you're using the latest version of Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. If you're using Safari or Chrome, be sure to import the RHEV-M CA certificate into the OS X keychain. If you're using Firefox, you'll need to manually import the CA certificate there as well.

Has this situation gotten any better in the past year or so?

Well, it's better if you don't mind setting up Homebrew and then getting remote-viewer from there. Most of the major issues with the prebuilt one are gone in the homebrew build. Unfortunately, official support for a macOS Spice client is still not in the pipeline.