rhel 9.4 grub2 bootloaded for pxe installation does not work

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I tried to follow the instructions to install rhel 9 from network that is documented at this link
in the section
2.5.2. Configuring the DHCPv4 server for HTTP and PXE boot
This worked for rhel 9.3 but, using rhel 9.4 instead, I think that the file BOOTX64.EFI (located in the iso image in the directory \EFI\BOOT) could be corrupted because I have this error on the target computer console:

Fetching Netboot Image revocation.efi
Unable to fetch TFTP image: TFTP error

using exactly the same configuration and the file from rhel 9.3, it works properly.
Is it corrupted for rhel 9.4 or I'm doing something wrong?