Issue with authentication inside a war file deployed in JBoss

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I'm encountering an authentication issue within my JBoss domain mode deployment, and I'm hoping the community can help.


I have two requests attempting to access the same EJB method.
The first request, configured with cluster="none", succeeds in authentication and authorization.
The second request, configured with cluster="ejb", fails with authentication errors (e.g., PBOX00292, PBOX00299).

I'm using JBoss 7.4 in DOMAIN MODE.
The EJB method requires a role for access.
I'm unsure why the cluster configuration affects authentication behavior.
Troubleshooting Steps:

I've verified user context setup and role assignments for both requests.
I've investigated potential caching issues.
I'm reviewing JBoss security configuration (DelegatingAuthorizationModule, role mappings).

What could be causing these different authentication outcomes based on the cluster configuration?
Are there any additional troubleshooting steps I should consider?

I appreciate any insights or suggestions the community can offer!