Red Hat Customer Portal : Update

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Hello everyone !

Last weekend Red Hat released a big update for the Customer portal, which affected the discussions area too.
We've received many improvements, but not everything worked out as intended, and we are facing some bugs.

One of the most important impacts of the update is, that we currently have a larger font size in the comments.
The problem affects me especially, because I post my stuff in "block design", just like we have it in most books.

Intention is that content I provide shall not only be useful, but also being in an attractive, easily readable shape.
So those of you coming across one of my comments and may wonder why they look strange, that's the reason.

I reached out to the Customer Portal Program Manager ... He promised to solve the issues as soon as possible.
Once there are updates on the matter to share, I will be going to inform you here, of course. Please stay tuned.