Login screen not appearing after update to 9.3 release (5.14.0-362.8.1.e19_3.x86_64)

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After applying updates received at software updates; it was found that login screen is not appearing anymore. On restart at Grub screen if I select 9.2 (second option from top) and proceed than login screen do appear.

Attaching Grub image.

Grub image

Any help or suggestion would really help.
Many thanks


When you say the login screen is not appearing. Are you using a graphical environment such as Gnome?? If so, please validate if you are or are not using NVIDIA. If you are, follow the guidance to reinstall the NVIDIA driver.

What you describe is classic behavior for such a scenario


Many thanks Guru ! I had to reinstall nvidia drivers and it solved the problem.

Regards Pradeep Bhardwaj