Leapp using python 2.7 instead of using python 3

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Hi, I'm upgrading from CentOS 7.4 to RedHat 9. I've used the convert tool from CentOS 7.9 to RedHat 7.9, upgraded the OS to RedHat 8.6 using leapp, and now I want to proceed with the upgrade to RedHat 9.

I encountered an error when running the 'leapp preupgrade' command on RedHat 8.6 (please refer to the provided stack trace). The issue appears to be related to the Python version, as the 'IntEnum' class is not available in Python 2.7. I attempted to create a virtual environment to ensure that leapp runs with Python 3.

I'm uncertain about the correct procedure, especially considering some of my dependencies rely on Python 2.7.


Stack trace