Simple Content Access on Redhat Satellite

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Hello everyone,

I have some questions regarding the new redhat-subscription feature, simple content access. The analogy is as follows, I bought a redhat subscription for RHEL and Satellite, then I installed it on one linux machine which is used as a redhat satellite server, after that I imported the subscription manifest into redhat satellite, and I added several hosts to be managed by redhat satellite, after I checked with the condition of the simple content access fiture active, the subscription lisence for RHEL that I bought was not reduced (consumed) and on the redhat portal there was only 1 that was used (redhat satellite server). the question:
1. Does using simple content access not reduce the licence (in this condition, it means we are lucky)
2. Is it still reduced but the consumption information is not updated? If consumed, how do I know and how much is left?
3. From this documentation it is explained that it does not reduce the licence, but there are limitations related to content, what are the disadvantages of using this feature?
4. What is the best practice used on redhat satellite production, whether simple content access is enabled or disabled. ?

Thanks All