Patch JBoss config to use JDK17 without using JBoss? (re article 6956863)

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This article ( describes steps to make JBoss work on Java 17 by patching the config file (e.g., standalone.xml under RHSSO).

This calls jboss-cli.bat, which uses JBoss itself to do the patching. Sort of a chicken-and-egg problem: can't run JBoss until it's patched, but the patching requires JBoss. (Furthermore, the patch scripts listed on that page aren't there in RHSSO 7.6, but require the 7.6.2 patch to install them -- but that also requires running JBOSS.)

Short of running JBoss on 8 and then switching to 17 after patching (works, but seems kludgey), is there a more direct way (e.g., a .bat or .ps1 -- this is on Windows server) to patch the .xml?