Patch upgrade from from jboss-eap-6.4.17.CP to jboss-eap-6.4.18.CP failed

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Hi Team,
We are upgrading JBOSS patch from jboss-eap-6.4.17.CP to jboss-eap-6.4.18.CP but it failed with below error: JBAS016855: copied content does not match expected hash for item: ModuleItem

Note - we have some configuration changes in modules\system\layers\base.overlays\layer-base-jboss-eap-6.4.17.CP\org\jgroups\main module

While applying the patch we provide the option to override it but it faild with the above error.

Command :
patch apply C:\Test\jboss-eap-6.4.19-patch\ --override-all

Please help us so that we can appy all the JBOSS upgrade patches.