Subscription Allocation - Weird Infrastructure Setup

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So we have a single vSphere Cluster on Network A hosting VMs for Network A as well as a virtually isolated network called Network B. All VMs can move freely across the entire cluster for HA/DRS purposes.

Network A and B will both have a connected Satellite server to provide repo content for the VMs. We have RHEL Datacenter with Smart Mgmt, Std licenses to consume. How would I divvy up the licenses in this scenario? Do I create one subscription allocation that covers the entire cluster and use that allocation for both networks? Do I limit each network to specific ESXi Hosts within the cluster (Example: Network A can run on hosts 1-5 and Network B can run on hosts 6-10), then I create an allocation for Hosts 1-5 and another allocation for 6-10??

I want to be compliant so any feedback would be helpful.