how scale-up openstack networking

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hello guys
we are bringing up openstack with this configuration:
3 controller nod with 1 NIC
3 network node with 2 NIC
10 compute node with 2 NIC
we are deploying openstack by kolla-ansible with Flat network provider. now we want change flat network type to vlan. we decide add new NIC and configure it as physnet2 and enable vlan type on it.

we change our inventory file like this:

compute[01:03] network_interface=ens160 api_interface=ens160 tunnel_interface=ens160 storage_interface=ens160 neutron_external_interface=ens192,ens224

and either change ml2_config.ini

network_vlan_ranges = physnet2:2:1000


flat_networks = physnet1

we user reconfigure command
kolla-ansible -i ./multinode reconfigure --configdir pwd
and deploy command
kolla-ansible -i ./multinode --configdir pwd deploy
according to this documentation we thought the new br-ex1 or br-ex2, but con change apply to my Openstack network.
can anybody help me /