[MOVED] What are your thoughts around videos on the Portal?

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Hi everyone,

Do you use videos on the Portal? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts around it - what you like/don't like, what works for you/doesn't work, features you'd like to see that we don't currently offer. Even if you don't use videos, I'd love to hear why not. Were you aware that we offered features like chapters, subtitles, PDF downloads of presentations?

Any feedback is valuable as we continue to refine and polish our content.

Much thanks!


Hi Sean,

First thing comes to mind is not being to embed videos in discussions (or is this feature available now)?

Being able to embed them would make it so much easier for the readers when viewing a post with several video links (without having to click each one), and for sharing them from youtube or rest of the portal...


Hi Xixi,

We are aware of this need and we're evaluating it. We just need to figure out a secure way to do this so that the video can't be copied, but it is on the radar.


Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Sean,


What would be the need for video on a discussion form?

The technique I use is mainly commandline driven, for issue abaut RHEV adding screenshot might be useful.


Kind regards,


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Sometimes the difficulty from one language to another, we help with online translators. Then, for some cases if you could use to send a video detailing the problem or the solution. I if I see very useful.

Hi Jose,

Thanks for your feedback! We do have the ability to translate subtitles into other languages, if there is demand. You can always leave a comment on a video to request another language, we're happy to accomodate if we can!

Hi Jan,

I'm asking more generally about the Videos section of the Portal, if that is useful as a learning method or not, and if not, why not. But we are toying with the idea of embedding videos in discussions, say if we wanted to demonstrate how a particular configuration works. Nothing definite yet, though. 

Thanks for the feedback!


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