Satellite reporting wrong IP address for system

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I have a server connected to my Satellite that has multiple IP addresses. There are 4 physical NICs on the server. eth0 and eth1 are using bond0 and eth2 and eth3 are set up as bond1.

The bond1 address is a "management" address and has a single IP address associated with it. The bond0 is for the application and has 6 IP addresses associated with us. (bond0 and bond0:1-5).

The only DNS entry that refers to the hostname of this server uses the address on bond1. There is a static route set up so that any communication to the Satellite uses bond1.

I have verified with tcpdump and all communication to Satellite is using bond1.

But, when I go into Satellite and look at the details of this system, it is showing the address associated with bond0:2. I've tried doing the hardware refresh, but it still shows up with bond0:2's IP.

What am I missing?