Meet GSS Red Hatter of the Week Nick Harvey!

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Meet GSS Red Hatter of the Week Nick Harvey! Learn about Nick in his own words below and stay tuned for more from him throughout the week!

"Hello! My name is Nick Harvey and I am a Technical Account Manager with Red Hat's Global Support Services. I've spent the last 4 years here at Red Hat with some of the brightest people I have ever come across. I've been working with Linux for about 7 years now and I still learn new things every day. I'm married to the greatest woman on earth, Sarah Harvey, and it just so happens that she is a Red Hatter too!!

While a TAM (Technical Account Manager) is well versed in all areas of RHEL, I specialize in our Cloud Products & Virtualization. This is a big year for Red Hat's Cloud Products with the Release of Openstack and another release of Openshift Enterprise.

When I'm not working, I am often cycling with fellow Red Hatters or on the occasional RUSA ride. I also spend a significant amount of time rock climbing with my wife. However one of my favorite things to do with my downtime is to contribute to upstream Openshift. Over the next week I'll be focusing on how Openshift Enterprise is a great addition to anyone who works on development environments...stay tuned!"