Leap Seconds - Timey Wimey and Weebly Wobbly Stuff

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Leap seconds can be confusing things when they occur. This is even more the case if you're a computer. A 60-second minute is one of the central pillars used to define modern computing and how it works. So what do we do when we need to add a 61st second to one of those minutes in order to keep in sync with the official time keepers around the world?

Last year some Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (and earlier) users ran into issues when their systems tried to handle the leap second at the end of June[1]. This required those affected systems to generate another leap second at the end of August[2].

There were discussions around the world that another leap second would be required this year during the summer months. We can now say that this is not going to be the case [3].

With today's truly global economy running 24/7 across all time zones, do you think it is as important as it used to be attempt to stay adhered so closely to the rotational time of the Earth?

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