USERS: RHEV3.1 Users/Roles are not inheriting permissions

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RHEVm 3.1.0-40

RHEVh 20121121

AD type authentication


I'm having issues with roles and users. I wondering if anyone is having the same problem. Here are my steps:-

1. As admin/internal, create a new role with permissons to allow the creation of server VM's. (i.e. PGDS_Projects)

2. Add the new user to a datecentre permissions and grant role PGDS_Project to the new user.

3. Login as the new user and attempt create a new server VM.

This results in error :- "User is not authorised to perform this action"


I'd expect the user to be able to create a new server VM in the datacentre as per the role granted.


(Support case 779435 riased to cover)