Meet Dave Sullivan, our Red Hatter of the week!

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This week's featured Red Hatter is Dave Sullivan, TAM.


In his own words:


"I am a native Virginian guided to Michigan 5 years ago by my younger and very talented wife. 21 months ago, I became a very happy father when my wonderful daughter, Jacqueline was born.

Stepping back, I graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute in December 1997. I then worked for several years in 3D Modelling and Simulation on big SGI hardware at Night Vision Labs. In this experience, I became interested in software development and decided to earn a Masters in Computer Science. I was also interested in Information Security so my Masters was Infosec based and I graduated with a MS in 2002. I moved from working in 3D Modelling and Simulation to developing C/C++ for a short stint and then I caught on with the JAVA Revolution. I then moved from NVL and did software development for the next 7 seven years coding JAVA (all tiers), scripting, writing sql, and designing Oracle database schema for the Intelligence Community. As I learned the business domain I moved into a Team Lead role leading a team of Java Developers and Database Engineers.

In 2007 I took on a new adventure in a role as a consultant for Red Hat. For a little over four years I did Enterprise Infrastructure consulting on all products within Red Hat's Domain, including RHEL, HA Clustering and GFS, Virtualization (Xen, KVM, RHEV), Directory Server, Certificate Server, Satellite Server and Performance Tuning. 

In February of this year I moved into a Senior Technical Management role from being a Senior Consultant. This position aligns perfectly with my desire to work directly with customers and to continue to work with state of the art open source technologies. As a TAM my key responsibilities include: Providing Industry Best Practices, Detailed Knowledge And Customer Alignment On Current And Future Technologies, Resource Alignment (internal and external), Customer Advocacy, Facilitating Issue Resolution

The biggest thing that I like about working for Red Hat is that I'm always learning something new. And I am also a strong believer in "The Open Source Way" of building software, so what better of a company could I be working for than Red Hat. I'll just list a few of my interests as I just have too many, here's he short list: family, fishing, collecting, technology, and just plain old relaxing."



Dave will also be sharing his experience later this week in a free, live webinar on "The Top 5 Things You Need To Know To Be Successful with Red Hat Infrastructure and Technologies". Stay tuned for more information.