Moving local vms to other data centers

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Using RHEV 3.1 is it possible to migrate vms from a local defined storage to iSCSI/NFS/FC data centers managed by different hosts or vice versa?


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Yes, you can shut down the guest and export it to an Export Domain.


You can then import the guest from the Export Domain to a proper Storage Domain.


A live migration from Local Storage Domain is not possible.

Hi Jamie,I understand this, I'm already doing it with rhev 3.0
I was hoping that with the 3.1 I could export directly from a local storage to a proper storage domain without using the export domain.
Can it be this a proposal for a new feature?

thank you

Hi Marcelo,


While you can definitely request a feature, I don't think it's very feasible. Consider this - a Datacenter is a separate container of logical networks, clusters, hosts, storage and of course VMs and disks. Moving a VM between datacenters means the two datacenters must be interconnected in some way, and a single RHEV-M managing both can only mean they share a management network, which doesn't really need to be good enough for heavy storage transactions. 




I agree , with the architectural concept of having a clear separation between data centers ,it make sense. At the same ai think tha it would be nice to export or "migrate" vms between datacenter of different nature, without using the NFS export domain but directly.


Absolutely, but it will have to be a pretty serious feature, we'd need to establish a storage link between different DC's hypervisors, OOB from the manager, and that's not a trivial task. RHEV's paradigm was always to try and make things simple and straightforward, making the admin set out OOB networks is kind of beyond that, so it needs to be thought out thoroughly, it's not just a "I wanna push image X to destination Y" kind of flow.


Please do file a feature request, but be aware that it's not so trivial and will definitely not happen in 3.1



As a side note, we really appreciate feature requests coming from customers who use RHEV in real world scenarios, so if you think of functionality that you really need, don;t hesitate to request it via a support ticket.




Dan, I know that I made my question sounds like an easy task, but I'm aware that this is not an easy one, and I don't know if is worth to make a feature request. My experience with this case is that some of my vms have very large size of data and sometime I found very hard to find the appropriate size of storage to use as an export NFS domain and I tought that of If could transfer the VM over a teorethical "OOB network would save me from the bourden of having a very large storage and time during the transfer. I don't know how many people had my same problem and I might be the only one asking for this feature is it worth to ask? And even if I ask I'm not expecting this to come out on the 3.1 at this point .

In any case , thank you for your insights I found very interesting your comments on my idea.


Every RFE coming in from real world customers talking about real world use cases is valuable to us here, so no need to hesitate with it. Can't promise it will be done quickly, but it will definitely make it into the queue

Thank you