RHEV-Manager Crashes

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Dear All,


I set up a RHEV-Manager in RHEL6-64 bit VM machine.

Unfortunately, that VM got crashed due to my fault and i losse all its data.



Now i set up a new RHEV-Manager and configure it similar to my previous manager.

I am using local-storage for RHEV. My local storage path is "/data/images/rhev".


I am able to add the Host in my Cluster but when i am trying to add the storage, it is giving me an error stating

"Error in creating a Storage Domain. The selected storage path is not empty (probably contains another Storage Domain). Either remove the existing Storage Domain from this path, or change the Storage path)."



Now what should i do so that i can use Local Storage and get back my VMs which are on the RHEV Host.




Gaurav Kansal

(Error code: 361)


Hi Gaurav. You cannot get these VMs directly. What you have in that directory is just a set of vm disk image files, with no VM definitions around them. Those definitions were in the RHEV-M database.

What you can do now, is maybe try and start new VMs on a simple libvirt host, with those images attached, and once you figure out which image belongs to which VM, you can use virt-v2v to move those images into RHEV.


And for the future, make sure you back up the RHEV-M database and settings, in order for this to never happen again

Hi Dan,


Thanks for replying.


At present, i am not able to use the local storage of RHEV.

Do i have to install the RHEV again to make use of local storage of RHEV?



And about backing up, documents only describes how to back up the Postgre Sql database of RHEV-Manager and not about how to backup whole settings.

Do you have something that describe backing up settings of RHEV-Manager also.




Gaurav Kansal

Thanx Dan.




Gaurav Kansal