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Hello everybody,


Not sure if anyone of you encounter this issue:


RHEL6.3 server is connected to a switch, when the switch are dead, RHEL6.3 server cannot ping (that's normal), but when the switch are up back and running, the RHEL6.3 network did not up instantly, I will need to do a "service network restart" in order for it ping outside.


Any idea? Please advice.





Hi there!


Just to clarify, when the switch goes down, does the system actually lose connection? (I'm not sure how you're taking down the switch.)


If you're physically powering down the switch, you can check it out using ethtool on an interface plugged into the switch, for example:


# ethtool eth0


Link detected: yes  <---We're looking for this
I'd recommend that you check it beforehand, ensure it has a link detected, and then down the switch.  When the switch goes down, then check to see if it still has the link.  Then bring it back online, and see if it detects the link.  If it doesn't, can you look in /var/log/messages for the time that you took it offline?  I'm looking for messages that show the link was downed, and if it notices that it comes back online.
If you're not powering down the switch, and just disabling the ports, are the interfaces actively losing connection the same way?  Do you see the interfaces go down in /var/log/messages when it happens?
Also, is this statically networked, or via dhcp?  In theory it shouldn't matter, as we should check the link first, but if the link is up then we might want to focus on that.
Let me know and I'd be happy to check it out!
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