Did you encounter any difficulties with the leap second?

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Did anyone here encounter any problems on their system following the addition of a leap second back in June?

Red Hat has identified a couple of possible issues that might have contributed to problems with increased CPU loads. If you've encountered any difficulties, please let us know.


In the meantime, Andrius, one of the Red Hat regulars here on the RHEL group, has put together a knowledgebase article documenting the issue and its resolution.



To be honest, time-keeping/synchronization is such a mess in our organization (it's really rather nice when there's 179s differential between the host you point ntpd to and the hosts you point your AD integration components to; it's even more fun when you have a multi-domain trust where different domains may have skews in excess of 10 minutes) that I don't think anyone would have noticed issues particular to the leap-second problem.

I've worked at a lot of sites over the years (the joy of having been a 3rd-party consulting-provider for several vendors). Given how poor uniform timekeeping was for a lot of the organizations I did work for, I'd be unsurpised to find that many people didn't even really notice.