JBoss Knowledge Roundup - June - EPP: New content types, skins, and Seam portlets

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We're constantly adding new JBoss knowledge to the Customer Portal. Here's a few recent highlights. Let me know if you find these helpful, and leave any questions and feedback below.


JBoss EPP - IPC with Seam Portlets
This tech brief covers the basics of how to create a Seam portlet, and how to use Inter-Portlet Communication (IPC) in Seam portlets.  Seam portlets requires the use of JBoss Portlet Bridge (which is included in JBoss EPP).  JBoss Portlet Bridge is a JSR-301 compliant bridge that can bridge to compliant JSF libraries, such as RichFaces, and MyFaces.  The examples will illustrate how to create a Seam Portlet, how to add a Seam portlet to JBoss EPP page, and also how to send/process JSR-286 compliant IPC events between two Seam portlets.

JBoss EPP - Create a New Skin
This tech brief covers how to create a new look and feel (skin) for JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP) 5.2.  The new skin will be packaged in a deployable war file so that it can be deployed to different EPP instances.  It is possible to start off with gatein-sample-skin package that is shipped with EPP 5.2 for a new skin, however, that package does not work with JBoss Site Publisher (SP).  This tech brief will address the reasons and how to make the new skin work with JBoss Site Publisher.

JBoss EPP - Create a content type
This tech brief covers how to create a new content type (along with the templates, and input dialogs) for JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP) 5.2 with JBoss Site Publisher extension (SP).  It will demonstrate two ways to create a new content type – with drag/drop WYSIWYG form builder and with type defined via XML.