RHEL Knowledge Roundup - June - SystemTap, RPMs and more

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We're constantly adding new knowledge to our library on the Customer Portal. Here's a few recent articles that RHEL users might find useful. Let me know what you think here on the Groups!

Tech Brief: SystemTap Script Tutorials: Episode 1 - Investigating Signals

Sometimes an application will quit, pause, or otherwise change for no apparent reason. The cause can be a signal sent from a cron job or from a misbehaving user or script somewhere on the system.


This tutorial describes how to run SystemTap scripts that track down signals being sent on your system. You can monitor the entire system for a particular signal or watch selected applications to see which process is sending it signals.


To illustrate examples of using signals, the tutorial focuses on interrupting, starting and stopping system services. You can apply the same techniques for investigating signals for other types of applications as well.

Video: Getting Started with RPMs

Join Technical Writer Petr Kovar as he explains how to build RPM packages, including an examination of the spec file, running the "rpmbuild" command, and checking the RPM file for errors.

Video: Red Hat Subscription Management First Boot

In this demo, Bryan Kearney walks through registering a new machine with Red Hat Subscription Management via first boot, as well as shows how to check your current entitlements within the Subscription Management tooling. Also covered is how to check your current entitlements within the Customer Portal Subscriptions section.