How to add third party software to Satellite server for provisioning

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I inherited a Satellite server, and struggle with some basic configuration. I pour through the documentation and the RedHat website and really have found nothing.


 I have a couple of third party applications (TSM, etc) which need to be installed on every server.  How do I integrate these into Sat, so this is part of the Sat process (all servers will use the same package).

Without Sat, I would have a NAS FS structure, unpack the tar there, and do a yum localinstall.


How would I push this out to ALL my RedHat servers?






TSM client is the less complicated one.


Create a custom Channel and push the rpms into this channel, add the channel to your server profiles and push the channel to your server.


Non rpm software first needs to be "converted" to rpm(s).

for this you need to follow articles like:


or follow the RH401 training



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