RHEV-H and RDAC multipath driver

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Hi all,

I'm very new to RHEV Hypervisor having signed up for trial today.


Does RHEV-H have the RDAC multipath driver for IBM DS3400 storage included?


I'm used to downloading and compiling for RHEL. What is best practice for RHEV-Hypervisor?


Thanks In advance.




RHEV-H, just like RHEL, has scsi_dh_sdac integrated. So it should just work, out of the box.

Perfect thank you. 


I totally missed that with RHEL. After getting loads of multipath I/O errors when booting I just compiled and installed the RDAC MPP driver as per IBM's instruction. presumably I just needed to specify scsi_dh_rdac as a kernel parameter?

scsi_dh_rdac.ko is part of the kernel. Was there since RHEL 5.5 IIRC, probably even earlier, but I haven't used it then