Re-installed rhev-m, now I can't connect...

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I have re-installed rhev-m while trying to solve a different problem, but now I can't connect.


I ran rhevm-cleanup, then rhevm-setup, repeated my settings of before that were previously successfull. I had to change the time-zone temporarily to get the certificate to be created successfully, again as before.


Things seemed to go ok until I rebooted the box running rhev-m, and now I can't connect to rhev-m anymore. When I open up IE on my browser, having cleared the cache and installed the CA etc, I can get to the RHEV menu (https://rhevman.mydomain:8443) but when I click on the Administrator link (https://rhevman.mydomain:8443/RHEVManager) I now get an error:


HTTP Status 404 - /RHEVManager


type Status report


message /RHEVManager


description The requested resource (/RHEVManager) is not available.


JBoss Web/2.1.12.GA-patch-01


I've tried turning off iptables in case the problem is about blocked ports, and despite the fact that rhevm-setup overides iptables anyway, but this does not help. I have tried restarting jboss (service jboss restart) and restarting rhevm itself (service rhevm restart) but without success, both result "unrecognized service".


Any suggestions welcome.


Please watch the rhevm.log file (unde /var/log/rhevm) and restart jbossas - any errors?

Thanks a lot Dan, I suspected it was just a matter of restarting jboss.... and it was;

service jbossas restart worked. :-)


Was the service down before?

I think so...


[root@rhevman]# service jbossas restart
Stopping jbossas: [ OK ]
Process already running
[root@rhevman]# service jbossas stop
[root@rhevman]# [FAILED]
[root@rhevman]# service jbossas start
Starting jbossas: [ OK ]



Situation unclear. After all that though I was then able to connect via IE.