MP/IO that is not dependant on the WWID of the underlying multipath device

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Causes no end of problems when migrating between SAN solutions when your server boots from SAN using device-mapper-multipath.

This is because multipath devices are hardcoded to the actual WWID of the lun (via /var/lib/multipath/bindings).

Migrate/replicate your boot lun to a new lun, the WWID changes and your server will no longer boot.


I suggest in this regard taht there should be one of the two options:

1- WWID sould be detected (Newly attached & existing) asking the user wether to make it paramanet for future connectivity or ignore it.But there should be clear indication for the newly discovered WWIDs and the existing ones.

2- OrThere should be separate utility that can discover WWIDs,show all the available LUNs,show all HOSTs and then can configure MPios under one utility.