RHEV3 with Hardware iSCSI (qla4xxx)

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I'm conducting some tests of RHEV3 and have run into problems using hardware iSCSI cards. If I setup the device and let the qla4xxx driver load, the LUN appears as a drive in the system (say /dev/sdc), but I don't see how to tell RHEV-M to use this. It seems to want a pingable device, but I can't ping through this driver (only the qla3xxx driver).


I can disable/unload the qla4xxx driver and use qla3xxx in it's place, but this seems to treat the device as a simple network card (so software iSCSI).


So any suggestions on how to use qla4xxx with RHEV-M?


Is the device available as a Fibre Channel device?  I believe the way that hardware iscsi works it that it sets things up as a regular device.  I think that iSCSI is really for software iscsi rather than hardware.

No, it isn't available as Fibre Channel I'm afraid.


If it's treated as a local disk, I'm worried that RHEV-M will tie the VMs to specific hosts and prevent active migration.

Please check if you see the LUNs in the output of `multipath -ll`.

If you do, try and set up a new storage domain as FC and not iSCSI - the idea is that anything an HBA delivers directly to the host OS is accessible via device mapper, and doesn't require special iscsi-initiator treatment to connect to, is classified as FC atm (I know it's confising).

The same should work for FCoE CNAs and SAS/SCSI HBAs connected to DASD boxes - anything device mapper detects and uses directly, can be turned into a storage domain, as long as the same LUN WWID is accessible from all the relevant hosts