screensaver activates while using spice-client in EL6

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I set up a pool of Windows 7 virtual desktops.  A user running spicec from an EL6 client reports that the gnome-screensaver activates while he is typing into spice-client in full screen mode.


Tried to reproduce this internally, but couldn't. As long as the Spice screen/window has focus, the client screensaver is off.

Any chance the user pressed shift-f11 or shift-f12 and actually lost the spice screen focus?

Thank you very much for your response.


I installed the latest updates (including some xorg packages) yesterday.  Today, the user says that the problem is no longer happening.

Glad to hear that Aram, and thanks for updating the post. Can you, for the sake of completeness, post the current package versions, that seem to have resolved the issue?

When I tested this myself on a computer that hadn't been updated, I couldn't reproduce the problem.