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hi need help ....


If I install RHEL 5.5 or higher then should I go with normal kernel version or with kernel-smp and kernel-hugemem also alongwith since server is having 16 core and 16GB installed on it.


Dear Charu,


Usually, the installer installs and shows the SMP kernels only if it detects multiple CPUs of some sort. If you have a newer machine with either more than one real CPU, a dual core CPU or a CPU with HyperThreading (HT) enabled.


If you have any of theose, no not remove the SMP kernel(s), otherwise you will only be able to use one of the CPUs.


To check if your system has more than one CPU, run 'top' and press the '1' button, that will show individual timings for each CPU.


Please suggest If I am wrong.







I have an IBM server X3650 with 32 cores & 64GB RAM.

We are using the SMB kernel - in the past they had a couple of kernel version for different tasks.

just make sure you are running IRQ daemon.


Hope it helps





Given that you have only 16GB of memory, you can safely use the smp kernel.  If you had more than 16GB of memory, AND you were using a 32 bit system, then kernel-hugemem would be a better fit.