clustat not showing if service is frozen.

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I have just moved to using RHEL 6.0 and find that when a cluster service is frozen the "(Z)" is not displayed in clustat, is there any other way to display the frozen state of a service?









[root@jrummy6-1-clust Packages]# rpm -q rgmanager


[root@jrummy6-1-clust Packages]# clusvcadm -Z test

Local machine freezing service:test...Success

[root@jrummy6-1-clust Packages]# clustat

Cluster Status for jrummy6 @ Mon Mar 26 09:38:59 2012

Member Status: Quorate


 Member Name                                      ID   Status

 ------ ----                                      ---- ------

 jrummy6-1-clust.ruemker.pvt                          1 Online, Local, RG-Master

 jrummy6-2-clust.ruemker.pvt                          2 Online

 /dev/00040003                                        0 Online, Quorum Disk


 Service Name                            Owner (Last)                            State         

 ------- ----                            ----- ------                            -----         

 service:test                            jrummy6-1-clust.ruemker.pvt             started  



Here is a snippet from the changelog of rgmanager


 * Thu Feb 03 2011 Lon Hohberger <> - 3.0.12-11

 - rgmanager: Present flags in clustat output


   Resolves: rhbz#634298



Here is the bug report for the issue:


    Bug 634298 - clustat is missing flags in output for frozen services


Here is the errata that was released to fix the issue:


    rgmanager bug fix and enhancement update



  Jack Waterworth, RHCE

  Technical Support Engineer

  Red Hat Global Support Services