export domain not importing

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I have a NFS based export domain and this was created and used on a rhev server to import a few virtual machines from other KVM and vmware servers.


I have since rebuilt the entire rhev hypervisor and rhev-manager and when trying to import the export domain it says:

This export domain is being used by another datacenter


When I try and re-import it - it tells me that it is already configured on the system...


How do I clear it and re-import it ?




This requires editing the export domain metadata and clear the details.


If you have a support contract with Red Hat, please open a case which is the safest way to receive instructions on the steps that need to be followed specific to your environment to clear it.


Please mention whether this export domain is created on rhev2.2 or rhev3 if you want me to help on this thread.

Sadique, this procedure of editing the export domain metadata is only required when the export domain was not cleanly detached, right? If on the origin RHEV instance the domain was detached, it should cleanly attach th the target instance.

Hi Sadique,


I ran into the same problem (RHEV Manager for Servers and Desktops: 3.0.3_0001-3.el6) because I did not detach my old export domain before reinstalling rhevm on another machine (how should I know?).


I opened a support ticket but since I am in a hurry (some production VMs are stalled) I ask you if you could provide some help to me as well?


Thanks and regards



This will require posting a set of logs and other data, and should be done via a support ticket. Especially if these are production VMs, and you need proper response for the issue.

Hi Dan,


thanks for your info!


Yes, I created a support ticket which is surely the best way to handle it.