Eclipse IDE C/C++ edit "multiple paste error"

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Within the Eclipse IDE, Copy-Paste (Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V) of a few characters or lines in a C/C++ source file occasionally results in an extra paste elsewhere in the same file or even in another open file.


Frequency of occurrence is perhaps once every hour.


The extra paste may start in the middle of a comment line, in which case it doesn't cause a compiler error unless the paste extends to a second line.  In other cases, it becomes apparent when a compile is done. 


It may not happen immediately.  One can always backtrack with Undo-Redo (Ctrl-Z & Ctrl-Y) to determine when and where the error occurred.  In most cases, the incorrect paste is from a string that was copied several steps earlier.


I am currently using RHEL v6.2 X86-64 and Eclipse v3.6 (Helios), with everything downloaded from RedHat (installed as Software Development Workstation).  I previously observed it in RHEL 5, having obtained the IDE from the Eclipse site (saw the issue in v3.6 and v3.7).


I am using a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop with external keyboard and mouse.  I have disabled the touchpad.


I think it happens even with "Smart Insert Mode" disabled (it must be disabled on a per-file basis each time you start up Eclipse, and I don't always remember to do this).  I know for sure that it happens when this mode is enabled.


I believe that it may be a RHEL-only issue.  Coworkers have used Eclipse v3.6 extensively without problems on Ubuntu and Windows.  Online searching has revealed very little; one entry was from a user on RHEL.


From my perspective, this is an extremely serious bug that will affect my daily work and my productivity.  If I cannot find a workaround quickly, I may be forced to abandon either Eclipse or RHEL on my development platform.


I would appreciate any help that others have to offer.


After discussions with Red Hat Global Support Services, it appears that this may be fixable only in Eclipse, and not in RHEL as I originally thought.


I have submitted two issues to the Eclipse bugzilla issue tracking website:

Bug 384407 - Paste errors in C++ open files while editing file external to but using namespace (Eclipse Smart Insert Mode enabled)

Bug 385615 - Paste errors in C++ open files while editing file within a namespace & using multiple namespaces (Eclipse Smart Insert Mode enabled)

I hope that something can be done.  The issue of editing within one namespace and copying/pasting strings that exist in another namespace is causing me some difficulty despite the workarounds I am currently using (disabling Eclipse smart insert mode & disabling middle mouse button).


If anyone else is seeing these issues, please go "vote" for a fix.